Sports betting on Krikya


Having a basic understanding of certain sports, every fan sooner or later thinks about making additional profit from his knowledge by sports betting on events of interest, the outcome of which seems predictable to him.This not only allows you to make a financial profit, but also to fuel interest in the game itself when watching broadcasts over the Internet or from the stands of the sports arena.

Online Krikya sportsbook has a rich and qualitatively elaborated pre-match lineup. There are about 20 traditional sports disciplines in the lineup, and we also take bets on cybersports. The event coverage is extensive and includes a standard “package” of the most popular markets. You’ll also find an extensive number of sports bonus on the site to help you get started on your journey.

How to bet?

To start betting on sports on Krikya you need:

  1. Register on the official website of Krikya;
  2. Determine the appropriate section (sport, league, match, game type);
  3. Choose a bet type from the offered list;
  4. Watch the game live;
  5. Get the winnings.

Types of sports betting

When you go to the Krikya website, you will see a large number of combinations on which you can bet. But everything is actually simpler than it seems – bets are divided into three main types: simple single, express, and system bets. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • A single bet (single bet) implies that the player will choose a certain outcome. When the bet wins, it is multiplied by the betting odds and returned to the player;
  • Express. If you want to bet simultaneously on several unrelated results, they can be combined in an “express”. So one total bet will turn out. In this case the odds of the initial bets are multiplied with each other, and the winnings in the case of a successful outcome will be many times greater than for individual bets;
  • System is a set of expresses. The difference is that if you bet on these events as a parlay, that in case of at least one loss your bet will be completely burned. In the system, however, everything is different: if you lose one event, only the expresses to which it is related to are burned, and the others continue to play.

Betting options

Krikya bookmaker offers its users a variety of sports betting options.Users can bet on their favorite sports, including soccer, basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis, golf and others. You can also find cybersports matches on the site that you can bet on. The site also offers a huge and diverse selection of betting varieties for all types of players. These include live betting, pre-match betting.

Bets on eSports

Betting on cyber sports is a process that really isn’t much different than what we’re usually used to. They are usually on the left sidebar under the other popular sports. Also, Krikya has already set aside a separate betting section for each cybersports game. Once you’ve identified them, you have to choose your favorite game among those offered, among them you can find: Dota 2, CS GO, League of Legends. Among the most popular cybersports you will find a wide range of different tournaments.

Live betting

Live betting is an exciting way to experience the thrill of betting on any sporting and gaming event in real time. With Krikya, users can place live bets while watching the game from start to finish. Whether you’re an avid fan or a seasoned player, real-time betting provides a dynamic way to get involved and make some money or have some fun.

Pre-match bets

Pre-match betting is a great way to get started with Krikya. They allow players to bet on sporting events before they start, allowing them to make accurate predictions and potentially win big bucks. Pre-match betting offers easy access to all popular sports markets. Pre-match betting makes it easy to start betting on sports and potentially make a profit.